The Primoris Law Firm is equipped with a team of Advocates who are experienced to handle litigation in Supreme Court of India and various state High Courts, Appellate Tribunals, Magistrate Courts, Family Courts, Tribunals and all the judicial and quasi judicial forums established in India. As the Advocates are equipped with the skill and expertise to provide service in any subject of litigation in any level of Courts, it is an added advantage to the clients to get easy solution for their legal issues. The following are the areas of Litigation Services in India provided by Primoris Law Firm.

• The Primoris Law firm is providing litigation services in the Supreme Court of India in the Original Jurisdiction and Appellate Jurisdiction.
• Litigation Services in state High Courts
• Litigation Services in Appellate Tribunals, Tribunals, Special Courts and District and Magistrate Courts across India.
• Criminal Law
• Commercial Litigation/Civil Law
• Family Law
• Labour Law
• Law of Property
• International trade and commerce disputes
• Cases registered by Interpol
• Intellectual Property Disputes
• Oil and Gas
• Shipping and Maritime
• Real Estate


In the modern revolutionary business atmosphere the commercial/financial disputes business entities and commercial companies resort Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation and Arbitration. People resort to Arbitration for dispute resolution because of two reasons. Easy and early settlement of disputes without resorting to the lengthy and complicated procedures in Courts, Service of expert professionals from other fields like engineering, construction, oil and gas, transportation, shipping, cargo, marine services, medicine etc as Arbitrators. Another attraction of arbitration is this is a less expensive method while comparing to conventional litigation. The Primoris Law firm provides Arbitration services by providing expert hands in every field of expertise as arbitrators and also acting as arbitration chamber for firm’s clients. The professionals licenced to appear before all the Arbitration Centers in India, UAE and Qatar are part of the firm.

Corporate Advisory Services

The international business community requires the expert legal advice prior to commencing a business transaction and till the end. At this point of time, the Primoris Law firm is capable for providing required advice, documentation and registration of companies or obtaining licences etc. The firm maintains a team of legal professionals, para-legal staff and other experts for the purpose of corporate services. The corporate services are provided in India, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The Primoris Law is providing the following Corporate services for the business world.

• Registration of new Companies and business licences
• Registration of Offshore Companies/ Free zone companies
• Registration of Special Economic Zone Companies
• Registration of Trademark, patent and Designs
• Preparation of Contracts
• Review of Contracts
• Contract Negotiation
• Addition and removal of partners from the company
• Registration of flats, land and other Properties

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